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Ergonomically Designed Headpieces Offer Added Comfort

Wide Soft Padded HeadpieceFor a horse to perform to the best of its ability, finding the right bridle headpiece is important and comfort is vital.

The Cathedral Equine range includes a number of headpieces to mix and match with all the bridles in the range, providing flexibility to ensure your bridle fits your horse perfectly.

Super Sensitive Poll Relief HeadpieceHorses, much like humans are all individuals and one size doesn’t fit all and an ill-fitting headpiece can cause considerable discomfort.  Some horses can be especially sensitive to pressure at the poll and behind the ears which can cause headshaking. Pinching behind the ears can also be a particular problem with horses that have larger ears.

The Cathedral Equine range features four ergonomically designed headpieces, each offering added comfort.

The Super Sensitive Poll Relief Headpiece (pictured above) is made from extremely soft leather and is designed with a gap on the poll where the horse is most sensitive.

For ultimate comfort the Wide Soft Padded Headpiece (pictured right) allows the pressure to be spread across a wider area as well as providing complete comfort around the ears.

The range also includes the Soft Super Padded Headpiece that features a cushioned section around the poll and a headpiece with a detachable soft faux fur pad, for an added touch of luxury.

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