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NAF Five Star Respirator Boost

With UK pollen counts currently at a 10-year high, horses and ponies can suffer as much as we do. NAF Five Star Respirator Boost supports clear healthy breathing, maintaining the condition of the respiratory mucosal immune system and the delicate capillary blood vessels that surround the lungs, optimising aerobic capacity.

NAF Respirator Boost 1 LitreAn additional synergistic blend of natural antioxidants, working alongside the unique respiratory support of echinacea for a unique natural complex. Respirator Boost is also recommended where close contact with other horses or ponies showing respiratory stress may occur, for those travelling regularly, and for horses or ponies that are stable kept or susceptible to airborne irritants.

  • Unique complex of naturally sourced antioxidants
  • Bioavailable sulphur for lung tissue integrity
  • Boost provides clove and eucalyptus to aid natural drainage
  • Available in powder or fast acting liquid
  • See the effect of Respirator Boost – or your money back

NAF advises that you feed Five Star Respirator and Five Star Respirator Boost
• To clear the way for optimum lung function
• For seasonal respiratory irritants
• When a pre-existing condition dictates

Event rider Laura Collett adds; “If my horse can’t breathe properly it may well affect performance, which is why I put my trust in Respirator Boost to support clear airways.”

Priced around: 1kg £46.50, 2.5kg £107.99, 500ml £18.99, 1l £30.99, 2l £57.50, 5l £133.50

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