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Equine extra's Big Test; Fly Repellents, Rugs & Masks

Flying here, flying there causing annoyance and biting wherever they go!! I’m sure you all know what we’ve been trialling for this issue of Equine extra’s Big Test – yes you’re correct, fly repellent accoutrements. From sprays to gel and masks to rugs we’ve covered most bases to keep our equine friends from being attacked.

Pesky Fly Removers!!

nettex 400px

Nettex – Fly Repellent Advanced
The company says: An extra strength spray which offers long-lasting repellency from biting insects, flies and midges and which is ideal for all horses and ponies and particularly useful for those kept near ponds, streams and waterways, where flying pest populations are much higher. This D.E.E.T based high strength formula contains added moisturisers and conditioners, which help to reduce evaporation and also help to control the release of the active ingredients, therefore just one application may give your horse fly repellency for up to 72 hours. RRP: £10.22 for 250ml, £16.47 for 500ml, £49.97 for 2L, £103.10 for 5L.
Our tester, Clare Chappelhow, says: I have found this to be the most effective fly repellent of any I have tried, so it is definitely one for the tack box at home and away. It was used on a broodmare who can be so irritated by midges and flies that she will start to rub, but so far this has made her a much happier horse. It has proved successful too with the riding horses in the show/dressage ring when you definitely don’t want an agitated horse. We have a field which has a watering hole in it that seems to attract insects, so it was used on the horses there too and none were bothered by flies when they were drinking, which I call a result. So, it has been used on a variety of horses, spraying as required, sometimes just once a week and some every few days. Easy to use & effective, what more do you need?



JHL – Essential Combo Fly Rug
The company says: New, economically priced, and manufactured in a breathable, tight weave mesh fabric. Features double front buckles with hook and loop neck fastenings, removable leg straps, cross surcingles and tail flap. Colours: Blue. Sizes: 5’6 – 7’0. RRP: £29.99.
Our tester, Barbara Clarkson, says: This is a good quality horse wardrobe basic. Made out of a soft narrow weave net it keeps flies away from the horse whilst grazing or as I've also done, when used in the stable. It is cool for the horse to wear and breathes well. A light but bright shade of pale blue, it seems unattractive to our midges, which is great. The sheet itself is not quite as deep as I'd have liked in the body and could have been wider through the chest but is perfectly adequate, as is the neck cover which could have been slightly more generous in length, however it works well. The rug length was true to size. I've used it on a light/middleweight eventer so not a large framed horse. The front buckles are slightly heavy in style for the fabric but they haven't caused a problem. Repeated laundering has not caused any unwanted deterioration in the quality of the fabric and the satin protection strips have remained intact. Hard wear in the field hasn't proved detrimental either and the sheet withstood kicks and pulls from other horses' playful field antics very well. All in all a good piece of kit to have.




Flyaway: Max Strength Fly & Midge Repellent Spray
The company says: Strongest ever natural formula offering protection against flying and biting insects. Contains natural Citronella Oil. Proven to be effective. Outperforms chemical alternatives. HSE approved for safety & effectiveness. Contains no substances listed on FEI banned list. 500ml; 1ltr & 2.5ltr refill. RRP: £12.50 - £30.00.
Our tester, Emma Woolley, says: I can’t rate this fly spray highly enough. We’ve tried it on so many different horses and I can definitely say it works! One of our chestnut mares is particularly prone to getting terrible fly bites, which can be a problem especially if they’re on the saddle area. So we used this on her. We turned her out without fly spray and she suffered bites, but happily when we used this on her she was absolutely fine. This was enough to convince me and we’ll certainly ensure we always have some now.



airflowmask 400pxHIGHLY RECOMMENDED
WeatherBeeta - ComFiTec Airflow Mask
The company says: Soft durable polyester mesh mask with adjustable touch tape closure for ultimate fit. Colours: Grey/Blue/Grey or White/Sea Green/Pink. Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full. RRP: £14.99.
Our tester, Jon Fletcher, says: This mask has been very easy to fit and has a strong adjustable, touch tape fastening, meaning it can also be removed quickly if needed.
My horses range from 15.2 to 16.2 and are of light/medium build; the cob size fitted them all well and looks very neat. It does an excellent job of keeping flies out of the eyes and ears, while still giving them good visibility and not interfering with their eyes. Washes well and dries quickly and is made of a durable material.



Cavalor - FlyLess
The company says: A highly effective insect repellent spray which protects horse and rider. It contains the active ingredient icaridin, a proven deterrent against horseflies, flies, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. It is effective for up to 10 hours for humans and up to 24 hours for horses. The non-sticky, non-greasy formula is gentle on the skin and won’t stain clothing. RRP: £24.00 (500ml). – for stockist details
Our tester, Pam Harrison, says: This was tested on two horses, one very attractive to biting insects, the other not so affected and both were comfortable in the paddock through the day and in the stables during the ‘midgy’ evening period. It’s quite strong smelling, so it’s easy to assess whether it’s still on the coat after a few hours. It was definitely evident on cloudy days, but on hot sunny days it didn’t seem to last quite as long, but that’s hardly a surprise.
It didn’t leave a residue in the coat and the spray was tolerated by both horses without any problem – definitely one for turnout and also competition days as it does last.


Equithème – Sweet Itch Sheet
The company says: Made from soft, 100% tightly weaved polyester to prevent even the smallest of insects coming through. Protection from UV rays for horses with sensitive skin is also guaranteed plus the rug is extremely dense, absorbent and vents away any sweat whilst still being comfortable for the horse to wear. Offering a close fit to the horse’s body and providing coverage from neck to tail and under the belly, this sheet is an essential for your horse’s summer rug wardrobe. The sheet is secured with adjustable elastic straps with PVC clips between the rear legs and around the belly and neck. Features include zips on the horse’s back and a hook and clip anchoring system on the girth straps that interlock with the sheet so that the rug remains in position during the horse’s antics in the field. Colours: Light Grey, Black/White Zebra design and Brown. Sizes: 4’9 to 6’9. RRP: £52.90.
Our tester, Terri Graham, says: A very well constructed rug which covers pretty much all of the horse with a reasonable amount of room for comfort. The very fine, but fairly durable material, stops even the smallest bugs having a meal from your horse. It has head, neck, body, belly, rump and tail coverage, hasn't rubbed shoulders or face but has reduced irritation and stress from flies and midges. I do wish the manufacturer had included a fitting map in the very efficient zip bag the rug came in though, as it was like assembling a flat pack - but for an impatient horse; suffice to say the humour wore thin! Also as a thought but probably not practical, but why not have a zip closure for head and neck so much easier to get on than trying to roll up over the head and pull down the neck. Not an easy task on a tall three year old! However, after saying all that, the rug didn't overheat the horse and came in a really dark colour. Washed well, dried easily, off early a.m. back on to go out p.m. Not bulky and rolls up into its neat round storage bag. A very efficient addition to the war on bugs and comfort for the horse.



Wildwash - PRO Flea & Bug Repellent for Horse & Dogs
The company says: For this product ingredients have been chosen from four continents that have been selected as the most effective insect repelling botanicals in their country of origin. By combining these together, the company has created an effective natural Flea and Bug Repellent for horses and dogs. The revolutionary blend of plants and herbs uses ingredients such as Peppermint and Lavender which work together to help deter fleas, flies, mites and ticks. Apply freely to skin and coat to deter fleas, flies, mites, ticks and mosquitoes. Use as often as necessary. Avoid contact with eyes. 300ml. RRP: £14.95.
Our tester, Susan Lacey, says: Finally a fly repellent that actually works, so yes I’m really impressed with this. Smells really nice and it’s easy to apply and I never had any problems with the spray nozzle, unlike other products. Worked really well against midges - this has been tested on my horses, also on humans including baby, great as all natural no harmful products so no irritation to anybody. I have one bottle which permanently lives in the pram so I have it wherever we go, much to everybody’s relief. Would I go out and buy this product myself YES also would really highly recommend to others. PS. It’s great on dogs too!!





Noble Outfitters – Guardsman Fly Mask
The company says: Made from heavy duty UV coated mesh to fight wear and tear and featuring a contoured nose to prevent insect penetration, plus the removable nose attachment is also UPF 25+ protected. Flex Spline Technology creates a canopy away from horse’s eyes and the heavy-duty UV coated mesh is built to last with Anti-rub guard rip stop protection. Practicality is matched with luxury as the fly mask also benefits from a fleece lining on the crown and nose to ensure maximum comfort for your horse. Colours: Black and Gold. Sizes: S-XXL (see size chart on website). RRP: around £29.95.
Our tester, Chris Grant, says: This arrived just in time for the arrival of the flies and has been a god send for one of our ponies who is really agitated by them. Having never thought to buy a fly mask before I am now beginning to wonder why? Once you get over your pony rocking the ‘space raider’ look, it is an excellent product and brilliantly made. The first thing I liked is that the mask fits without a headcollar and has a superb design giving maximum coverage of the pony’s face. It fastens securely under the horse’s jowl with ample room still for jaw movement. It is cleverly made to give a canopy over the eyes preventing any rubbing and still allowing maximum vision. The mesh is heavy duty giving it great durability and is cleverly made with UV protection. Its other great feature is the removable nose, giving you the choice of the extra coverage or not. On the whole a great product and a useful one to have about for the fly hating horse.


midgegel 400px


Flyaway – Max Strength Fly & Midge Gel
The company says: Strongest ever natural formula offering the ultimate protection against flying and biting insects. Contains natural Citronella Oil. Outperforms chemical alternatives. Safe for you, your horse & the environment. HSE approved for safety & effectiveness. Contains no substances listed on FEI banned list. 500ml. RRP: £16.75.
Our tester, Rachel Thomas, says: What a nice way to apply fly repellent. The gel smelled pleasant and was easy to use, and it does seem to last, obviously depending on how much you use!! It does seem to help with the fight against flies, although I do have to say for all over coverage I prefer the spray as it’s a lot easier to apply and covers a bigger area. However, this was extremely good for using in the ears and around and along the tummy line, where flies seem to attack the most! A handy pot to have around.





harryhall 400px

Masta – Fieldmasta Fly Rug
The company says: The clever dome neck™ helps to prevent mane loss as it takes pressure off the mane, and increases air circulation to prevent the hair follicles becoming starved of oxygen and consequently falling out. 1200D waterproof/breathable ripstop polyester along top line to protect against summer showers. A durable fly mesh lower section gives protection against flies whilst encouraging air flow. Memory foam sections at the wither relieve pressure, whilst pass through surcingles at the belly prevent the rug from being pulled tight behind the elbow and in front of the stifle. Full chest adjustment to fit perfectly to your horse then fastens with easy quick clips. Tri vent shoulder gusset for an enhanced fit, freedom of movement and prevention of shoulder rub. The tri vent fits above the point of shoulder and articulates with the horse’s movement. Anti-rub lining which promotes a clean and shiny coat. Silver. Sizes: 4’6-7’3. RRP: £115.00.
Our tester, Ben Hobday, says: I have to say that I have been really impressed with this rug. When I first saw it I didn’t really think it looked like a standard fly rug, however the differences have been totally beneficial. It has a fixed neck which I much prefer and, as well as this, it has extended material over the crest of the neck to avoid tightness and mane rubbing. This means it sits nicely on the crest without slipping down therefore giving the horses freedom to move their necks. There are two clip fastenings at the front of the chest with the options of tightening them via buckles as well as two metal hooks that are quick and easy to clip on to. The rug has crossed belly straps that loop through a rubber slot allowing the sides to hang down and cover the body rather that folding up tight to the belly. It also has adjustable leg straps that cross between the back legs and which are easy to clip on. A tail flap protects against any tail rubbing. One of the main highlight of this rug is that it is waterproof so it can deal with a quick change in weather. This is fantastic for us as we have a busy yard, so when there is a downpour we don’t panic and have to bring the horse in. The rug also boats a fly mesh section along the bottom which not only keeps the flies at bay but also keeps the horse cool. As the rug is slightly heavier due to the waterproof fabric, this mesh section just lightens it up and makes it more breathable. This is a rug that pulls out all the stops and more. It covered all the weathers thrown at us these summer months to date and because of this it is a MUST HAVE!


leovet1 400pxleovet2 400pxVERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
leovet – Power Phaser
The company says: The Spray offers absolute protection against all insects and horse flies. An optimised blend of active ingredients guarantees stay-off effect and long-lasting effectiveness for up to 7 hours. Due to the use of a stay-on polymer, the long-term technology ensures permanent adhesion and a guaranteed effect even when the horse sweats. The strong repelling effect results from a special combination of the in-house fragrance formula with two active ingredients whose capabilities have been proven in multiple tests. Despite its powerful reputation it is gentle on the skin even for sensitive horses. 500ml. RRP £18.99
The Durative is an insect repellent gel with an especially high concentration of active natural ingredients which protect the horse against mosquitoes, horse flies, flies and ticks, even during perspiration. This fly repellent gel gives the fullest in protection thanks to a 10% concentration of active ingredients for up to 7 hours. The sponge included allows the gel to be applied easily even onto sensitive areas, without soiling the hands. Despite its powerful reputation it is gentle on the skin even for sensitive horses. 500ml. RRP: £18.99.
Our tester, Paul Malone, says: When I mentioned to colleagues that I was lucky enough to have been allocated these products to test, I was met with jealousy from all! It seems to be acknowledged that this is the only fly repellent that actually works and in my experience, I would absolutely agree. For those not already in the know, this stuff really does the job well, and tends to stay effective even when horses sweat during the warmer months. It seems that the people from leovet know one of the horses I’ve been schooling since the turn of the year... He’s more than a little sensitive and objects to sprays. So, the pot of gel plus sponge made life much easier and allowed a liberal application of fly repellent with minimal fuss! Both the spray and the gel are incredibly easy to apply – both go on with absolute minimal effort. I must also remark that a little really goes a long way. I’ve not found it at all necessary to apply this very liberally like some other fly repellents which can sometimes result in false economy. A sparing application does the job very effectively and seems to stay put sufficiently long whilst turned out.


leovet banner 550x85px


Carr Day Martin – Flygard Extra Strength
The company says: Contains an optimum level of 20% DEET for powerful, long-lasting protection against midges and biting insects. Get the perfect coverage and ultimate protection, even in hard to reach areas, using the new Equimist 360 technology. 600ml. RRP: £16.75.
Our tester, Caroline Mosley, says: My horses hate sprays so I was pleased that this wasn't so noisy to upset them. The new design of spray means you squeeze the trigger and it delivers a slow stream so you don’t have to repeatedly pump the trigger therefore it’s so much quieter to use. The smell is also not overpowering, which is a problem I find when using it in a horsebox on a hot day as it makes the horse end up honking, but this was just fine. I didn't notice any flies when using it so it worked, and didn't leave a residue. I would purchase this again.





Horze - Freja Combo Fly Sheet
The company says: Protect your horse from summer's worst insects with this complete fly sheet combo set. The full coverage includes a belly guard and a detachable hood. These add-ons offer complete protection from both UV rays and insects. UV protection and cool mesh fabric make this sheet ideal for hot summer days of peaceful grazing. The front double T-buckle closures, belly surcingles, oversize tail flap, leg straps and wide hook-and-loop fasteners at the neck keep this sheet securely in place. Sizes: 115cm-165cm. RRP: £68.99.
Our tester, Caroline Powell, says: The fly sheet was delivered in the nick of time as the clegs arrived in force and we were able to use it to its full potential. There was a feeling of durability when picking it up for the first time, the strong mesh poly fabric which keeps the flies and the UV rays at bay. Its touch tape fastening and t-clips are of a sturdy quality and were complemented with a blue and white webbing which was sensible weight for the poly fabric. The shoulders had a very generous gusset which was satin-lined helping keep my pet hate away (shoulder rubs) the oversized tail guard also adds to the protection from flies while the detachable neck rug (also satin lined) meant the rug really did give full body coverage. The sheet held a lovely shape when we put it on the horses and was adjustable enough to cover a huge range of shapes and sizes. It gave me the confidence it was going to stay in place and do its job for a considerable time.


NAF Off - Deet Power Performance
The company says: When you need all day protection against flies and insect menace look no further. This powerful, long lasting, effective protection against flies, horse flies and insect menace is easy to apply by spraying evenly over the body. Deet is renowned for being the world’s best known repellent which is why we give you this fully registered and approved fly repellent to ensure you and your horse get the most out of the warmer months. Liquid or Gel form. RRP’s: 750ml spray - £17.50; 2.5l refill - £33.50; 5l refill - £63.99; 750g - £16.50.
Our tester, Gail Smith, says: I must admit to being very impressed with this product. Most fly sprays I’ve tried over the years don’t seem to do much and the horses come in with bites all over them. This, however, seemed to do the trick from the beginning as they weren’t covered in fly bites when I brought them in from the field. I put it on in the morning and they came in at teatime, still without any bites which was wonderful. This means it is long lasting which is important. It is in a very easy to use container which sprays out evenly so they get an even covering of the product. It smells pleasant enough too and is good value for money. I will be continuing to use this fly spray in the future as it did such a great job.



WeatherBeeta - ComFiTec Airflow Fly Rug
The company says: Soft durable polyester mesh with belly wrap and full wrap tail flap for premium protection and elastic insert at wither for additional comfort when grazing. Ezi-Clip front closure, traditional side gusset for freedom of movement, 210T nylon lined shoulders, mane and tail flap and elasticated, adjustable and removable leg straps. Grey/Blue/Grey & White/Sea Green/Pink. Sizes: 4’0 to 7’3. RRP: £77.99.
Our tester, Val Williams, says: This really is a lovely well-made fly rug. Constructed using a soft but durable mesh, with a belly and full tail wrap to provide full protection for your horse. Another good point to mention is that there is an elastic insert in the wither so it makes the rug comfortable when grazing. One of the things that I found most helpful is the Ezi-clip front closure which is great and very simple and, yes Ezi, to use. It has elasticated adjustable leg straps and a side gusset for freedom of movement. There are nylon lined shoulders which stops those awful rub marks plus the tail flap is also nylon lined which does stop the top of the tail being rubbed too. Last but not least, the most important bit…it kept the horse midge and fly free, so as well as being great-looking it does the job it was intended for too. All in all this is a high quality rug and great value to boot.