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New Challenges for the 2018 Season


Many readers of Equine magazine enjoy the challenge of competing, not just in affiliated competitions, but in the encouraging shows and events run by riding clubs, pony clubs and experienced teams hosting unaffiliated fixtures in all of the major disciplines.
Most leisure riders enjoy more than one discipline and whilst Memberships may be required, they invariably represent excellent value for money and ensure that you’ll enjoy a well-run fixture that is lots of fun too. Here’s just a few ideas for the new season...

British Showjumping
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 Whether you’re a seasoned showjumper or an enthusiastic beginner, there’s no better time to take a look at what British Showjumping has to offer.
Pony Club offer
If you are a new member to British Showjumping or have been expired for three or more years and a member of the Pony Club, then this offer is for you. You and your pony can become British Showjumping National members from just £55 for the first year with a second year discount as well. Classes start from 70cm and in addition to a structured and safe environment for you to compete in with national championships to aim for, British Showjumping also offers Junior Academies which deliver comprehensive training programmes as well as an extensive list of UKCC Accredited coaches who can help you reach your goals.
‘Just for Schools’ Memberships
The ‘Just for Schools’ membership is an incredible opportunity for students to share their passion with their school and create lasting friendships with fellow riders.

Junior classes are enjoying
a new level of popularity

So how does it work? Well, Schools and Colleges can submit both teams (three to four riders) and individuals to compete against each other in the battle for league points with the aim of qualifying for the Championships Finals at the British Showjumping National Championships in August. Competitions are held across the country with class heights ranging from 70cm-1.10m, which sees all ages and abilities coming forward to represent their school and do their team proud. It is just £30 for the year per team for three or four members, these members can be interchanged throughout the year as well as compete as an individual.

For further information on which Membership type might be right for you, why not ring the British Showjumping Membership Team on 02476 698824 who will be happy to talk it through with you or visit





Native Ponies

Enthusiasm for Britain’s native breeds is at an all time high and their hardiness, combined with willingness to turn a hoof to almost any activity, their popularity is assured.

Native ponies are often ridde by smaller, lightweight adults

Ride or drive, jumping or showing, native breeds and their crosses perform well in many different competition disciplines.
Whilst many are ridden by children, smaller adults also enjoy ponies and with a growing number of prestigious shows, including the Native Pony Festival in Northumberland, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for fun with your native this season.
Each breed society has its own website; a quick search online will guide you to more information.




The Rise and Rise of RoR
Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) is British horseracing’s official Charity for the welfare of horses who have retired from racing. RoR raises funds from within racing to provide and maintain facilities for the care, retraining and re-homing of former racehorses and to promote awareness of the suitability of the retrained racehorse for other equine careers.

ROR showing classes, always popular and of a high standard

Working closely with the sport horse organisations and media, RoR promotes the adaptability of racehorses to other equestrian activities and has a well established programme of competition sponsorship. Classes include Showing, Eventing, Dressage, Showjumping and Polo, with Regional Leagues and other opportunities in Horseball, Endurance, Team Chasing, Riding Club and TREC!
In addition, RoR holds educational events across the country to help owners look after and train their former racehorses.
For more information, visit

Pony Club
If you think joining the Pony Club might be for you, well you can sample the whole Pony Club experience before you join…

Pony Club Eventing is a popular discipline and great fun!

All you need to do is contact your local Pony Club branch to arrange a ‘Taster Session’ and find out firsthand what it’s all about!
You’ll meet lots of other equestrians who share your passion for riding and all things pony. You can look forward making new friends and take part in horse and pony activities you may not have tried before. You’ll also develop your riding skills and learn to be responsible for the care and welfare of horses.
To find out more and to get details of your local Pony Club visit

British Riding Clubs
There are currently 34,000 members of British Riding Clubs, who enjoy access to training, competitions, qualifications and six Championships, plus classes at some of the biggest equestrian event in the UK.

There are classes for Riding Club
members at some of the biggest shows
in the UK

Membership fees for each local Riding Club are generally modest and open up many different opportunities, including dressage and dressage to music, show jumping, combined training, a challenge class that incorporates both show jumping and cross country, along with horse trials for teams and individuals!
Members of a British Riding Club are also eligible for many opportunities across a multitude of disciplines such as showing and endurance, as well as dressage, show jumping and cross country. Some of these opportunities set you up with the chance to compete at prestigious shows.
Be sure to have a look and see if there is anything that may suit you and your equine partner. You’ll find all you need to know at

British Dressage
If dressage is your next challenge, then British Dressage has a choice of different memberships depending on what you want to enjoy.

Many different membership options mean British Dressage
has something for everyone

Those who want to take part in Music classes, Team Quest or My Quest, the Associated Championships, Combined Training and ride in Preliminarsy Bronze and Gold sections  need to be a CLUB MEMBER, which is just £30 for the year.
-If you want to compete at Preliminasry Silver, Novice and above or ride in any Championship, you'll need to be a FULL MEMBER. Cost: £92 for new members by post, £87 online - or £87 if you'd like to join by Direct Debit. Want to spread your Full membership payments over the year? Not a problem, you can now join for just £8.50 a month!
Never been a member before and want to try six months before investing in a yearlong membership? At just £57, you can try out TRIAL MEMBERSHIP.
If you want to own a registered horse, become a judge or support British Dressage and receive a member package, you'll need to be a PREMIER CLUB MEMBER. Cost: £55 by post or £50 online.
If you want to use the long winter months to polish your dressage, there's a WINTER MEMBERSHIP which runs 1 October - 31 March. Cost: £52
If you're a supporter who wants to make the most of the website, read British Dressage magazine online and receive a regular newsletter, all for free, you can be an ASSOCIATE MEMBER. Cost: FREE!
Associate membership does not entitle any rider to compete, unless in conjunction with a British Dressage class ticket. If you wish to compete as an Associate member with a class ticket, you MUST complete a paper form and send to the office. Do not join online. To compete on a class ticket your horse also needs to be registered as an Associate.
Find out more online at

Coloured Horse & Pony Society CHAPS(UK)
If your equine friend is the right colours, then you’ll never be one of a kind as coloured horses are hugely popular across all the disciplines.

Traditional coloured horses are represented at many
County shows and produce an eyecatching spectacle

As the official coloured horse society, ,CHAPS(UK) offers CHAPS(UK) Championship Show qualifiers, CHAPS/BSPS Winter Restricted Qualifiers, CHAPS/ PUK Qualifiers, HOYS Qualifiers, Stallion and mare gradings, youngstock evaluations, the members’ magazine ‘World of Colour’ three times per year, a Junior Bursary, Regional Shows, Championship Show (with gala evenings and mad discos), Christmas Balland lots more. The society is also a DEFRA approved stud book and Passport Issuing Office.
Find out more online at